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» Game server unavailable «
Hello guest

Our game server for AirAttack is down for some time and therefor we also closed the registration for this site.
The full installation for the game also doesn't work, so don't get angry if you fail with this task.

We hope to get online soon, but nobody knows when our game server is ready again.
Check out our Facebook site or here on this site. We inform you as soon everything works again.

Thanks for your understanding
The AirAttack team

Mon, Nov. 03. 2014 22:11
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The game AIRATTACK IS COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE and no matter what you may read when you install the game, NOBODY HAS TO PAY in order to play this game.

Air Attack is a FREE WWII online aerial combat game with players and community's all over the world. For more Information please read the Game description or check out the Videos.

  1. Download the Installer
  2. Read the install instructions
  3. Install or update the game
  4. Register a account on this page
  5. Read the rules / CoC
  6. Read the Beginner Manual
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Game Info and AirAttack game description

If you donīt know AirAttack yet, just pop in and take a look, and maybe you might breathe some of the air, observe some of the nimbus on which the fame of this flight simulation once was founded.
One thing is for certain, you will experience a wonderful nostalgic trip back into the history of flight simulation, which still calls out and attracts some "undaunted" sim fans from all over the world.
Probably the most thrilling fun which offers ingame chat that doesn't require hosting and all this with an small install file. The unique arcade mode offers quick gaming fun, log in and off you go.
AirAttack offers a public "Free For All - Arena" in which all participating pilots fight against every other, there is also a "Teams - Arena" in which two to four squads with up to 15 pilots each can choose from four nations with four different WWII fighter planes each.......

The full article including more pictures from the game can you read HERE.

To watch example Video-Clips please CLICK HERE.
BF-109-K4 in Action
Example Videos

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